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Welcome to the Jungle
Episode Information
Release Date January 26, 2011
Season # 1
Episode # 1
Views (million) 1.440
Foundation Winner Gage
Reward Immunity
Top Looks Conor and Tom (Elephant)
Tate and Frank (Beetle)
Bottom Looks Gage and Sergio (Elephant)
Jessica and Jo (Ostrich)
Winner Conor McCullagh
Eliminated Jessica Kramer
Previous N/A
Next "Naked Ambition"

"Welcome to the Jungle" is the first and premiere episode of the first season of Face Off. It features a Foundation Challenge, won by Gage, followed by a Spotlight Challenge, won by Conor. Jessica Kramer was eliminated in this episode.

Foundation Challenge

Challenge: Create an original face makeup incorporating at least one item from the introductory reception Party.

  • Reward: Immunity
    • Top Look: Gage and Tom
    • Winner: Gage

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: In teams of two, create a human-animal hybrid based on either a black beetle, ostrich, or elephant.

Teams Animal
Sam & Marcel Black Beetle
Frank & Tate
Jessica & Jo Ostrich
Anthony & Megan
Sergio & Gage Elephant
Conor & Tom
  • Top Looks: Conor & Tom, Frank & Tate
  • Bottom Looks: Jessica & Jo, Sergio & Gage
    • Winner: Conor
    • Recommended for Elimination: Jessica
    • Eliminated: Jessica

Final Looks