Who's the New Who?

Who's the New Who?
Episode Information
Release Date October 9, 2012
Season # 3
Episode # 8
Top Looks Nicole, Laura and Roy
Bottom Looks Alana, Derek and Sarah
Winner Nicole Chilelli
Eliminated Alana Rose Schiro
Previous "Monster Twist"
Next "Junkyard Cyborg"

Spotlight Challenge

  • Challenge: Create a hybrid human creature that captures the essence of Dr. Seuss by using characters from Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book as inspiration.
    • Guest Judge: Brian Grazer
    • Top Looks: Nicole, Laura and Roy
    • Bottom Looks: Alana, Derek and Sarah
      • Winner: Nicole
      • Eliminated: Alana
Contestant Character
Nicole Bumble Tub
Roy Foona Lagoona Baboona
Derek Snorter McPhail
Laura Chippendale Mupp
Alana The Offt
Sarah Hinkle Horn Honker
Not chosen Biffer-Baum Bird
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